If God Made Bread…

Katherin Wehrung at the boro market.

If God were to make bread, what would it look like? Health food specialists say, keep the ingredients pronounceable and fewer than five. With that tip, I headed to Kroger and Publix in search of a rich, pure, healthy bread I could praise. Here is what I found:

 Obviously, some breads were more processed than others. Most had a list of words I could not recognize on the ingredient label. My conclusion, the five ingredient rule was impossible to follow when shopping for bread. Impossible…Unless you go to the market.

 At the market you can find an aproned, young woman with bread like manna. Here are the ingredients: wheat flour, honey, water, organic butter, yeast, and salt. So, it is actually six ingredients, but still perfection. No artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives, or long chemical names.

Only three things, and a light, soft, melt-in-your-mouth bread. What is the secret? How is it so simple and so good? She grinds the flour herself, then poof: Bread. Magical bread that makes my six year old brag to her friends that it is “the best bread ever”. Go to the market and buy some. You will be glad you did. 

Katherine Wehrung, the magical bread lady, says she began grinding her own flour (which, incidentally, you can also purchase) and making her own whole wheat bread to avoid health problems. You may find her at the boro square on Saturday mornings at our local market. But what if you need her bread on a Wednesday, because at my house it doesn’t last a week. I don’t mean in freshness; my family gobbles it up so fast that I can’t keep it! She says you may call her at 615-319-2607 or email her at info@wildfours.org and she will find a way to help you out. You may also find her information at http://www.wildflours.org/.

 Rumor has it that an area store has spoken with her about carrying the bread. Stay tuned to find out where!


5 responses to “If God Made Bread…

  1. Thank you so much for writing about us 🙂 We truly love what we do and love our customers! It’s so much fun at the market on Saturdays! Thanks again! Blessings, Kathrine

  2. woo hooo!!! the best bread ever!!!

  3. cathy shepard

    I buy the bread Kathrine W. makes and it is wonderful. My husband eats the entire loaf within 3 days! The hamburger and hotdog buns are to die for !!! And she makes homemade organic Chocolate Cookies that are unbelievable !! A must buy treat!!

  4. Carolyn Francis

    I have heard about a woman named Eve who lived in a garden that originally was inspired with this recipe and applebread!

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